Suspended account

Hi, I’m sharing my host with two friends, and seems that one of them had set up a warez webpage which violated copyright laws.

I didn’t know that our account was hosting that page (we’ve lots of pages hosted), but now, Dreamhost has suspended completely my account and I can’t’access to my files, domains and DB.

these are very important for me, as I’m webdesigner and I host my clients’ webpages. I’ve sent DH a support ticket telling them the situation, do you think they’ll give me access to them?

I’ve told them that they can only block the access to the conflictive domain, db and data (or completely delete them, it doesnt care for me), or transfer this webpages to another account I’ve on DH (this is personal, the other is for my company)

Anyone has had any similar experience? I’m a bit concerned.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English.

Oh no! It’s terrible that this has happened to you!

We’ve never heard back from anyone with a similar problem, though there have been many who have posed your exact question. (At least in the past 3 months)

One thing to keep in mind through these troubles is that DreamHost is themselves in a pickle because if the original copyright holder comes to them and audits their handling of the situation, they may not take kindly to DreamHost saying that it was your “friend’s” fault and may hold DreamHost liable for non-compliance with the takedown order.

I believe you and have my fingers crossed for you, though. Good luck!

BTW, my only advice is to nice and courteous, just as you’ve done here. It does wonders.

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That’s exactly why none of us have friends… (grin)

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i think they’ll give you a way to get your files, but you’re probably never going to be able to host with dreamhost again since you’ve shown them that you let friends violate the terms of service on your account. while you said you didn’t know they had done this and i have no reason not to believe you, it doesn’t change the fact that you gave someone access to your account and they violated the terms of service.

i expect it will take some time (a week or two maybe) to get your files (note to everyone: keep backups on your own machine) but you should be able to get them. i do not expect your account to be re-enabled though – you will likely have to find a different host, and maybe some new friends!

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I probably wouldn’t count on them giving you access to anything.

If saying “my friend did it” got you around the rules, then everyone could just run illegal sites from their own accounts, then just pick & choose which parts get shut down by blaming someone.

Basically, when you give someone else access to your account, you are agreeing to be 100% responsible for their actions.

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Thanks for the replies.

I don’t want FTP access to my files, I don’t want my account, I only want a copy of my files and DB… I’ve tried to contact support, and for the moment they’ve answered all my tickets in less than 5 minutes except those related to this problem… which were sent 23h 34min ago.

Giving you the files would be giving you access to them. By not giving access, I meant that I wouldn’t count on seeing those files again.

In other words, once the account is closed, that’s pretty much the end of the story. You can try, but I wouldn’t expect much.

Also, I wouldn’t expect quick replies, if any, on that subject since their priority is going to be offering support for current customers.

You should really have your own backups anyway. This is just one of many cases where they can come in handy.

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BTW, we’ve heard that this is handled by the Abuse department at DreamHost and not the Support department. The turnaround time is different and I think they are more run more lean than the support department (i.e. understaffed and overworked!).

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