Suspended Account! URGENT

Please i need to know the way trougt i could get back my files and databases from my suspended account!

If your account got suspended for hosting illegal files, good luck.

You’ll have to contact Support, or if it’s an Abuse issue, you’ll have to contact Abuse.


There are now three threads open from people with suspended or canceled accounts. We’ve provided what little information we have and what little advice we have to give people in your unfortunate situation.

You have our sympathy. Contact the abuse department through a support ticket, explain your situation and hope for the best.

BTW, just as a matter of curiosity, did you do a search for similar topics and come up empty or did you just post here without bothering to look for other threads that might contain information that is directly pertinent to your situation?

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Oops, sorry for the dupe, sdayman.

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I was reading a post of pato who get his account suspended too 7/2 but my suspension is for spam complaint! i dont know why could it happen!

You’re going to have to work this with the Abuse department. At least you say “suspended,” rather than “terminated.”

Spam abuse usually happens one of two ways:

  1. You have a mailing list on your domain that’s not double-opt-in (i.e. Someone requests it, then confirms their request)
  2. You have a formmail type script that’s been exploited.

In these two cases, Abuse will usually want you to close the hole first before they reinstate your account.

Sometimes someone just complains about spam if you do a Reply to All and someone just clicks a Spam button because they’re lazy or don’t know any better. This usually isn’t enough to get your account suspended.