I registered 5 domains with Dream this morning. The title for this outfit should be "Nightmare."
I have spent 1/2 a day trying to get a WordPress site up. Every email I get from Dream has links that do not work. I have sent emails to support but no response and when I ask for a callback they want me to pay 9.95. This is the most convoluted site I have encountered for hosting.

Well…if you registered things this morning…it may take awhile for the domains to propagate through the Internet… It’s not always instant. What are the domains you’re having issues with?

Sorry to hear that. I’d love to help but I need more details. Can you please be more specific about what you’ve tried?

Which links did you get exactly? What didn’t work (be specific please, give error messages or links to screenshots).

DreamHost support staff is usually quite responsive on chat and tickets. People can help on the forums too, but need more details.

A new domain will take up to 48hours to work.
Hopefully therefore by now your links work.