I keep getting “Your message was NOT received by!”

We’re sorry… your email was unable to be processed by our automatic
support system, and so is being returned to you.

Our system could not find the open support case you were replying to,
and so could not automatically tie your message into our system. If this
was a reply to an EXISTING issue, please be sure to keep the:

[blah 123456]

in the subject line of your reply!

If this is regarding a NEW issue, we must ask that you submit it
through our web panel at:

(You can log in with this email address and your panel password… have
it emailed to you if you’ve forgotten it!)

All messages submitted through that form are guaranteed to be received!

Our apologies for the inconvenience,

The Happy DreamHost Support Team!

I used the ticket number as subject using the above line but still cant send. What should I do in order to e-mail support with that same number? If I use the support system in the control panel it only generate new numbers. Its been 3 days since I signup and my account is still pending. Can someone answer me? Thanks?

Try contacting them via the other support form:


Are you replying to an email sent to you by support? If you are, the subject line should be correct without any edits.

Regarding your account activation, what method of payment did you use? Are you inside or outside the U.S.? Did you register with an address the same as the billing address of your credit card?

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I wouldn’t worry about using the same ticket number, or be concerned about generating a new ticket. The support rep responding to a ticket will be able to see your whole support history anyway, so - meh.

Lensman showed you another approach, and that might work too.

I think I would just generate a new ticket in the control panel to follow-up on the existing tickets (a good little safeguard against having a “dropped” ticket getting overlooked!) :wink:


thanks for the help… i didnt know if i’m allowed to reply to the robot msg that sorts the support ticket… but i’ll try that.

About the method of payment, I used the credit card of my client and used my name and address in the control panel. I thought that billing and admin address just like in applying for a domain is separate that’s why I do it that way. I guess its a no no since until now my account is still pending. I’m also outside the US.

All I want is for the support to contact me so I know what the steps to do. I can even signup again and wouldnt do that same mistake of providing 2 different address and I’ll use my own credit card instead of my client.

thanks… i did drop my message to the support form in the control panel. I dont care if its a new number again since I need to voice my side anyway. Didnt hear from them for almost 3 days.

If ever they can’t accept my payment just tell me so I can resubmit my application and do the right thing. I do hope they’ll reply this time since I gave a deadline on my client and still cant have the website hosted and the domain name is already out for printing on their business cards. :frowning:

Well, that explains a lot. If you used your name and address combined with your client’s credit card info when signing up, that most certainly would trigger their “fraud prevention” mechanisms. Add to that the fact that you are outside the US., and it’s guaranteed to trigger even more alarms.

It will certainly take human intervention to sort it out, and Tech Support may need to pass the matter to the fraud specialists to resolve it.

Hopefully, you explained all of this in your support message, and hopefully they can sort it out for you.


I explained it but unfortunately no one is answering the ticket. I dont have any details on what I should do and the days keeps on moving. If only they answer my queries.

It sounds like you have done all you can do … and it is likely that Tech Support has also done all that they can do. If they have forwarded your case to the fraud handling guys, it’s really out of their hands at this point.

The fraud folks are a much smaller group and anecdotal evidence from these forums indicates that they are a bit slower to respond than the regular tech support folks.

I know it is frustrating, but at this point all I can suggest is patience.