I understand that dreamhost’s support system is used alot by very many users, but wouldn’t it make sense to help the customers who submitted their ticket first before the others who submitted later?

I’ve now been waiting 15 hours for my account to be reopened (it was closed accidently), and personally I’m not happy.

[quote]but wouldn’t it make sense to help the customers who submitted their ticket first before the others who submitted later?


I guess that’s the science and arts of support: there are simpler “problems” that could be resolved with say a keystroke or two, while others could take more than half an hour and even involve people in other departments. So it may make sense to kill off those dozens first and then go back to deal with the difficult. Just some quick thoughts.

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You have a point, but I personally think waiting over 15 hours for a support ticket to be answered is a little excessive…

I opened two different tickets yesterday, both of which were answered within half an hour, do you think it depends on what time a tech support is on?

From my personal experience, weekend is usually not the best time to ask for support. And I agree that waiting for over 15 hours (or even 6 hours) is too much. Not to be rude (since this is a DreamHost forum anyway), but one of the other hosts that I also use respond to support enquiries via e-mail in less than 15 minutes, even during the middle of the night (around 4 - 5 AM Eastern time). I guess this is one of those areas that DreamHost needs to work harder on.

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They also prioritize the support requests and I assume they also work on the ones that are easier and most critical first. You can’t affect the critical nature but you can make it easier for them to solve by giving lots of information - especially what’s changed since it was working, if ever.

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[quote]It’s not more than DH promises/advertizes.


That is true. I used to think 24 hours turnaround is okay, but when all my sites were down and didn’t hear anything from support, 12 hours are totally unbearable. That’s also why I said in the past, either a) make the servers more reliable (like in the past) or b) provide better support.

How is DreamHost able to compete with other hosting companies which guarantee 99.9% uptime and 15 minute e-mail suppport for even lower prices?? If not, our promo codes will be useless, right? :smiley:

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I’ve had good response from their support. However sometimes my site will go down for 5-10 mins and I never know why.


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