is there any? i’ve had 2 support tickets out for 24 hours now…no reply…is this typical of the response from this host?

similar sitaution here, it really sucks if you ask me.

i’m giving them until noon today, then i’m calling my credit card company to dispute the charges…

this is a bit ridiculous…

if you’re within the money back guarantee period you should talk to Dreamhost before your credit card company, they’ll refund the charge (except for the domain you registered when signing up if any).

That really says something when you’d rather deal with a credit card company than a webhost :open_mouth:


well jason…just to let you folks know…

i signed up with lunarpages at 6am this morning…changed my dns…and my site is up and running…

now that is service!

How fast your site work for the first time have nothing to do with service. DNS speed is differend from every ISP and can take from 1 hours to 4 days. It’s nothing to do with Dreamhost.

well, it says something about service…the dns propogated on dreamhost within 12 hours…and they still couldn’t get the frontpage thing working…and you know, i could have waited…

EXCEPT - when i send a message to support, i EXPECT a response within at LEAST 24 hours…


I sent an urgent Email outage ticket at about 18 hours ago. Still nothing. Hey lets find out where these guys live and pay them a visit ? :wink: I got some blunt objects lying around.

[quote]How fast your site work for the first time have nothing to do with service.


I beg to differ. The DH panel’s increasingly long delays is a major factor.

You might want to check they haven’t been simply cancelled, as happened to my last two.

How can they just cancel a request?

I guess just by marking it closed without replying. It disappears from your list of “Open Support Requests” on the panel but you don’t know that if you’re just watching your inbox for a reply.

no, they didn’t cancel my requests…they were there…

after a few rather “not very nice” emails to billing this afternoon, I suddenly started getting responses to my support requests…after which i had to “re” email them regarding the cancellation.

They just sent an email saying my cc would be refunded in 3-5 days…you can bet i’ll be watching for this one…

btw folks…lunarpages is great! i already had 2 accounts there, but was looking for more bandwidth…i won’t try that again…lunar has my business for ever…

I dunno, when you say something like that it makes one wonder if you have a clue as to what you are doing.

Dreamhost really isn’t the host for the raw beginner, IMHO.

i’m not a raw beginner…i have upwards of 80 different feedback forms running on this particular site, and frontpage is the easiest way to handle it.


I had one open ticket and it’s just been answered. Took 22 hours and it’s solved. So they still have good support.

Oh and Frontpage is for beginner :smiley:

whatever…frontpage is for beginners…get a life…

already have one, thanks :smiley:

Frontpage is as beginner as MS Publisher is to InDesign. Sure they make some things easy… but the code is bloated and in most cases incorrect. Its easier for some things because they have proprietary “plug-ins” on the server side that interact with the odd stuff the program creates.

As for support, it does take longer than I would like, but we all pay next to nothing for a bad ass service so the tech support being kind of slow in my opinion doesnt turn me off. I dont need tech support that much for it to become an issue. I wish it was faster, but there isnt anything I can do about it. I have never had a “ticket deleted” so no qualms there.

Dual 800 G4 / 768mb Ram / GeForce 3

I agree, that FP is for beginners, but I use it mainly for being able to tab between different modules. I program php, and since FP does not really support php I just use it as a over-sized text editor. But I also don’t use it for uploading either.

I have had a support ticket in for five days. Every day I have had to re-submit it because it just “disappears”.

MY issue is getting the shell set up. I will set it to shell every morning before I go to work, so that when I come back it should be ready for me to use. But when I check it in the evening time it is set back to FTP.

Support simply deleted my tickets but when I contacted sales, all of a sudden I got a response telling me where to go turn on my shell! Duh. I already knew that.

But it STILL doesn’t work.

So, like someone said above, I have just about had it with DreamHost…

David Allyn