Support time?


I’ve submitted a support request that’s now 2.5 hours old without any response. My site’s DNS (standard, not customized, hosted at dreamhost) stopped responding, rendering the site unusable. This is a big deal for my clients, as they are offline at a critical time, yet I can’t get a response from DH. Are support response times like this for critical requests common? I’m seriously rethinking my choice of Dreamhost.


Dreamhost tech support gets a A+ for heart, an F- in every other measure.

Many hosts either have a phone number or they turn urgent tickets around in under 15 minutes. At least a “we know about the problem and we’re working on it.”

Dreamhost is great when things are good, and…well, I’ll probably get edited if I say how they are when things aren’t working. Like right now for me…every single website I have is unreachable and the support system says “resolved.” Yeah, right.


They have had a lot of new customers lately and could be experiencing the pains of success. It happened in the summer of 2005 as well, after a big promotion.

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