Support time?

hi all,

just wondering if anyone else is having really slow support turnaronds. i submitted a ticket about 30 hours ago and still have not received a response. It is really bothering me since I have deadlines to meet as well and depend on support to solve a problem.


DH support is usually very quick. Maybe it is due to thanks giving :-/

I sent them a question a few days ago and got a response in 23 hours and 55 minutes (just under their 24 hour promise).

30 hours and counting without contact is pretty bad. You’re sure the request went through (you got an automated response with your ticket number)?

Thats a load of $%#&. DH suppoort IS NOT usually quick at all, at least not if your talking about the last 6 months.

DH’s general service and support has been slipping for awhile now, from the GLACIAL speed of their applications (I can’t even use the damned panel anymore) to the time it takes to answer support requests.

24 hours for an EMERGENCY is totally unacceptable. I had sites down and it took a day to get any response. My personal opinion is that they didn’t properly invest in hardware and support personnel, are now taxing all their systems beyond their ability, and are screwing us all because of it.

I’m starting to look for another provider, and I would suggest you do the same. Hell, I submitted an email from one of my web sites and it took 6 hours to get to me. 6 HOURS! What the HELL IS THAT?!? I submitted a support request and they told me that sometimes that just happens. I asked them what kind of practive steps they’ve taken to prevent sendmail queus like that from building up (like shutting down fu$#ing spammers and batch mailers on my shared box) and they told me there isn’t anything they can do and it just “happens.”

It amazes me how people can run an operation in such a way and expect it not to come back and bite them in the butt. And if I get one more of those damned newsletters with that moron buddy chatter I’m going to scream. Send me a letter telling what you are doing to IMPROVE MY DAMNED SERVICE and stop chatting like an idiod about your frigging trip to LA. THIS IS A BUSINESS, not your personal blog, and we really can do without your inane attempts at humor.


Hey now! Don’t knock the newsletter- lol. I do look forward to it, and although the format is friendly, it’s professional and informative. Also, There is no webhost anywhere that even comes close to matching DreamHost’s features (including uptime!) or their huge faq database. Not trying to spat here, but from someone who’s tried a few hosts, DreamHost is the best.

I actually look forward to the newsletter. Perhaps I’m easily amused. But it never fails to cheer me up. (Hmm, perhaps I’m easily depressed? This doesn’t bear overanalysis.)

I do find most of my support requests turning around in the ‘next day’ time frame, but mine are seldom emergencies. I had a bunch of site downtime when I first signed up, but things have been very good for the past year or so. My observation is DH isn’t without its problems, but they recognize them when they pop up, and take steps to fix them. Works for me.

Here’s anothe $0.02:
I find that often DH replies to me within agreeable limits. Sometimes I’ve bounced an issue back and forth several times in just a few hours, that’s fast in my view. One other time I had a response time of a few days, but most of the time they respond before I get impatient. I don’t think they’re that bad. At least I always get a confirmation email immediately, and even if it’s not a solution, it does tell me that they’ve received it.
And certainly they’re TONS better than all the other hosts put together that I’ve used in the past. If they keep this up, I’ll never switch again.

The newsletter … well, it’s informative, but the jokes aren’t always that funny.


It probably also depends on how technical the support request is… They can’t all be experts in everything…

Exactly the same with me. Been through a few hosts and this is the one I know I am sticking with. I had one time (out of many) where support took about 30 hours to respond (usually within a few hours), but it was also a very specific question about a 3rd party script, which I really shouldn’t be bothering them with anyways.

It probably DOES depend on the technicality of the question, but the almost 24 hour response I mentioned earlier was very generic and the support staffer mentioned that they didn’t know the answer for sure… because of that they would forward it to the appropriate Dream Staffer… It only took a couple more hours after that for the appropriate ‘expert’ to give me the final word.

I agree that you don’t necessarily need an answer, but you do need a response in short order.

I have a ticket that has been open for 1 day 13 hours

I have one up over 2 days. Could they be having staff turnover?