Support Tickets

I opened two tickets today. Trying to delete this post. The emails for the ticket I opened are going to an old email address … not sure why. I’ll figure this out.

Thank you.

You may need to update the contact information on your DreamHost account. To update the contact email addresses on your account (where all future emails will be sent), please follow these easy steps:

Login to your Panel using the primary username and password for the account. (If you are already logged in, skip this step)

Once logged in, scroll all the way down, and click on “Edit Profile” in the lower left corner of the Panel.

On the following screen, you should see blue text which reads: “Your Email Contact Preferences”, Right below this heading, you should see your current email address listed on your account.

Simply update this area to reflect your new email address, and save the change. Going forward, all account related email will be sent to your updated email address.

you can also read support replies in the panel