Support tickets being answered very slow?

hey everyone
just wondering if everyone else is having a hardtime getting a response via the support ticket system?
normally i get some form of reply within a few hours
but nothing for over 24 hrs now, and i see on here some people havent had a reply for the past 5 days! which is very worrying indeed!

Have you received any of the automated responses? And be sure to check the Panel under Support for Support History to see if one of the responses got lost.


hey Scott
yep i have received automatic responses regarding a new domain i just hosted and redirected so that all seems fine.
Just seems they must be snowed in with tickets or summin right now I guess =S

It has now been 12 hours since I submitted a support ticket about a critical issue which is bringing our site development to screeching halt, but I have not even received an automated confirmation that the ticket was processed. It was labelled high priority, and 5 hours later I sent another ticket labelled highest priority requesting the status of the ticket, which also did not result in any reply.

I’ve checked the support history, and both tickets are there, but no response. This is just pathetic.

What would you like us to do? Other than recommend that you stop submitting multiple tickets on the same issue in a 24 hour period. That doubles the number of tickets in the queue which slows things down even more, and we all know how aggravated you get when Support gets slowed down.


How about a message telling me that the issue is being looked into (or at least has been read) instead of utter silence? Maybe then I would know that DH Support actually gives a damn.


I apologize, when I received the automated propagation of your post it was labeled as from, so I thought you were Support directly e-mailing me.

In that case, I was hoping that others in this forum who had the same problem would have gotten some sort of official explanation which might explain such a lack of expedience.

In attempting to e-mail “you” back, however, I got an auto-reponse saying that support did not accept messages from e-mail addresses that are not registered to primary account holders. Does anyone know if the same rule applies to tickets submitted through Panel? I used the same e-mail on the form because I’m the site’s webmaster, but not the primary account holder.

If so, jeez, why let us shoot ourselves in the foot?

Support hardly accepts email from primary account holders. Going through the panel is the best way. The only way an email would have a chance of working is if it’s a reply to an open case message they sent you with the ticket number in the subject.

A backup approach would be to use the generic Contact Us form on the main DreamHost site, but that’d typically be if the panel wasn’t working for you.

Regardless, their policy is that they try to respond to issues within 24 hours. Sometimes it’s super quick, and others may be a day or two depending on their workload. At a minimum, you’d receive an automated message within 24 hours. And Support does give a damn. They’re a good group who are always working on something. But the staffing level is pretty fixed and can’t instantly ramp up very high during a crisis. Judging by the status blog, things should be about back to normal now and hopefully they’re looking into your problem. They don’t let you know what’s up until they’ve already checked into the problem.


What I meant is that I am not the registered owner of the account that is encountering the broken software. I was asking if the tickets could have been rejected because I entered my own e-mail address instead of his in Panel.

I don’t have any open tickets, so I don’t know if this will work, but poke around the panel under Support History or Contact Support and see if there’s any sign that you have an open ticket.

In my Support History, it doesn’t log my submitted tickets; just their responses to them.


As I mentioned in my first post, I can see both tickets I submitted under Support History. Also listed are responses from Support to older issues, and automated support messages about minor configuration changes, but nothing for this issue.

I can only assume that you only see replies from support because you have the “From support to you” filter on (which is probably a saved state from whenever you used that option to search support history).

I don’t have any tickets open either, but I think if you have any currently open tickets then they’re listed on the first page of the initial Contact Support part of Panel below the form.

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Ah yes, you’re both right, my tickets are listed there.

The first one just hit 20 hours now. I wonder if I’ll even get the customary 24-hour-mark automated “we’re not ignoring you” e-mail.


Okay now this is just plain weird… It appears that an administrator logged onto the box about 2.5 hours ago and fixed the problem in under 3 minutes. Yet there is no notification or reply to my ticket.

They must have been responding to someone else’s tickets and just didn’t get (or get to) mine. Oh well, at least it’s fixed. Next time I’ll have the account owner use his address in the ticket and forward me the response. Might as well, he was watching it like a hawk all day anyway.