Support ticket to replace sshd_config

I’m not currently a DreamHost customer, but I have been doing some web development for a client who pays a DreamHost customer for hosting their site. In other words, my client pays a yearly fee to someone who has a shared hosting account on DreamHost and is, in-turn, using name based virtual hosting to host many sites. I have ssh access to the server and have locked-down ssh for security, by using private key authentication and disabling password authentication in sshd_config. My problem is I’m away from home and the machine I brought with me to do work does not have a key on the server, so I can’t ssh. I have asked the DreamHost customer if he can out in a supprt ticket to replace the sshd_config with the default file. Has anyone ever heard of this kind of request? I looked through the forums and haven’t discovered any mention of it, it’s probably not so common, but I’m much more used to managing my (other) hosting on VPS. Thanks for your feedback.