Support Ticket Response Time


What is the expected response time of a support ticket?


It depends what support question you have.

If it’s only you who has a question, you will mostly hear back within one hour from support. They are very helpful and quick. Dreamhost also have a comprehensive Wiki.

However, if it’s something serious like the current server outage ( you may have to wait several days, until the whole problem is sorted out.


I would say for a urgent matter it should be within 15-30 mins (their OMG one), for the "can’t get work done 1-2 hours. I have been with Dreamhost for over 3 years (not on this account but with others). I seldom need if ever ask for support maybe 2-3 times mainly due to outages. My biggest problems of late is the payment authorization method. It seems I have problems with getting clients setup without having to wait a day before I can use the account. Just yesterday I decided to open another account. Did the account setup used a credit card and account details all match the card, go to the do the phone authorization and it calls I input the pin. Except on the control panel it says the phone disconnected. After a few attempts I put in note to support. I read to on the wiki to wait 1-3 hrs. So I do. I even call my credit card company to make sure they are not blocking my card. In the meantime I have a deadline approaching to meet while I wait for DH to just approve my account? I am now nearly 6hrs waiting and no phone number to call. I put a second urgent ticket in around an hour ago and still no response. I wasn’t worried about response times, but if it takes them over 6 hrs to respond to taking my money - what happens when I have another issue after they already have my money?


You be the judge! Notice the date that I requested support says May 22, 2012… and its now more than 3 months later… and still no answer!

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On Tue, 22 May 2012, you wrote:

Ok, as per the last response I was told " I will provide you with an update
as soon as one is available."… I’ve yet to hear why I am still not getting
emails when referrals sign up.
Like this one below, I’ve never gotten an email about it… NOR is it being
reflected in my Rewards!

#XXXXX “XXXXXXX’s Account”

Account Started On: 2012-05-09


Please allow me to apologize for the incredible delays in new information
in regards to your issue. I’ve again touched base with the development
team and hope to have new information soon.



Well, at the place I work a responce in 20 is a must. In some situations where the problem is more complex it may take several days.


Sorry to hear that we weren’t up to the standards that is expected by us.

We do have have times when we have more support tickets in then normal but that is no excuse.

What tends to happen sometimes is that we may have an answer for the ticket however we are waiting on a server or something of that nature to finish a restore or return information to us so that we can be detailed as possible in our tickets.

If your support ticket is something that is time sensitive to that degree you can also tweet us @DreamHostCare or on Facebook.

Myself and a few others watch those 2 social networks. When we see something like that we try our best to get it escalated!

I apologize again for the inconvenience this might have caused! We really do try out best to be as timely and accurate as possible!


I think that it’s understandable and there’s no reason for a fuss when the problem is not that simple as it may seem…