Support Ticket problem

I tried to transfer a domain earlier and when I got the confirmation mail with the link to check to confim, it lead me to an error that told me the link was wrong (I tried clicking it directly & copying and pasting).

So, you know how when Dreamhost sends you anything, you can find it in your support history? Well, the mail with my transfer information isn’t there (last activity is noted as 9/4, nothing past then including the transfer request is listed).

After that, I went to support to submit a ticket, wrote it out detailing my problem, submitted it…

But, it didn’t submit. I got no mail, my support ticket isn’t listed in my history… nothing. It does have that link up at the top with my ticket number and the amount of time that has elapsed, but when it’s clicked, I’m sent back to the overview page, not to any message…

So, my question is… is anyone else having problems with support?

So, my question is… is anyone else having problems with support?

Well, I just saw this at the bottom of the Support panel page:

Software error:

attempt to access field ‘db_name’ in object of class Ndn::Dreamhost::QueryTime at /usr/local/lib/site_perl/Ndn/Common/ line 949
Ndn::Common::Object::AUTOLOAD(‘Ndn::Dreamhost::QueryTime=HASH(0xbde67b8)’, ‘undef’) called at /usr/local/ndn/web/dhwebpanel/index.cgi line 117
Apache::ROOTpanel_2edreamhost_2ecom::index_2ecgi::handler(‘Apache=SCALAR(0xb001724)’) called at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/Apache/ line 149
eval {…} called at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/Apache/ line 149
Apache::Registry::handler(‘Apache=SCALAR(0xb001724)’) called at /dev/null line 0
eval {…} called at /dev/null line 0

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (, giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

That error has been there since last night, too. =/

I did email that exact address (on the bottom of the email I got with the confirmation link it had listed as a contact for questions), and I got an email back that said:

Your message was NOT received by!

Something about them not finding the support issue. So, I am guessing that they don’t accept direct email, just support desk tickets, which puts me at a loss since the help desk seems to be going insane. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know any alternate way to contact them other than the support desk since my tickets are not going through? My support history has nothing about my transfter request email or my support ticket about the fact that the confirmation link was invalid. I want to alert them to this, but without the one way to contact them working, I’m at a total loss. I figure a support ticket that’s over 12 hours old means it might not be received (though it takes 24 hours to tell that since they say 24 hours or less).

There has been a bit of discussion about this in this forum before, and there is not really a good solution. This post contain links to DH “Head Honcho” Dallas’ comments on reaching Support wihen the panel is “borked”, if you are curious.

As the Control Panel and Contact Support Form is working now, I’d suggest that you submit an additional support ticket; especially since you know there were problems on the Control Panel when you submitted the last one. I’d just tell them you are not “bumping” the ticket, but you have no assurrance the first was received, and this is important to you.

I know it must be frustrating not to know if the ticket got through; but submitting another seems to me to be the way to go.