Support Slow Today? No follow up


I submitted a ticket over 10 hours ago and have yet to received a response which is a bit unusual. I submitted it via the panel, got the ticket number, but never got an email confirmation that the ticket was opened oddly (I usually get those if I remember correctly).

I was attempting to perform a backup via the panel but it doesn’t seem to be working (otherwise no need to submit a ticket). Anyone from support there today?

Just seems a bit odd no response on tickets as DreamHost is usually quick…


I am having the same problem. Submitted a ticket about 24 hours ago and a follow up sometimes today, no response. Bought the premium support, missed the call from tech support but returned email immediately late afternoon today, no response. Sent a follow up email to request for callback two hours ago, still nothing. This is very frustrating…


Finally got an email although it was a auto-canned “we’re sorry for the delay”. Still no resolution 24 hours later…

This is just a note to let you know that although it’s almost been
24 hours since you sent in your message, we haven’t forgotten about

We strive to answer all questions within 24 hours, but due to the
large number of questions we have right now we’re afraid we may have
to go over a bit this time. :frowning:

Please hang in there and we’ll be getting back to you as quickly
as we possibly can!

Our apologies again, and we appreciate your understanding.

It’d be nice to be updated on the status of this or at least a note on that support times are a bit slower than normal rather than just finding out. Communication is important…


I haven’t even got the auto-canned email - I’ve been waiting for 55 Hours and counting.


No kidding. It’s been frustratingly slow the past few days…


Nearly 48 hours after the ticket was submitted, I got an email saying “backups were running behind”. No apology, nothing useful. Oddly enough an hour before that, I got an email that there are no backups available (which I know aren’t guaranteed). Pretty disappointed at this point that there wasn’t even an apology for the delay in response or a more detailed response.