Support short staffed?

I deleted a database by mistake and now my forum doesn’t work. I emailed Dreamhost and they said they had a backup and have placed it on my host on my home directory.

I’ve created the old database but I can’t import the backup as it’s 40+ MB. I think the max upload is about 10MB.

I’ve been waiting nearly 3 days for Dreamhost to import it their end.

Whats going off? Are support really short staffed at the moment?

The max “upload” (import via phpMyAdmin) is actually 7 MB, but that does not mean you can’t import it :wink:

Check out this Dreamhost Wiki article on Migrating MySQL databases for instructions on how to import the larger database via the command line.

Dreamhost support made the backup available for you already, and while I’m sure they would be happy to go ahead an import it for you if they have the time, that is not really part of their function, and you can do that for yourself. I suspect they are dealing with other customers whose problems absolutely require their assistance before getting back to you on the import request. They don’t seem to be particularly “short staffed” or “backed up” right now, as they are only showing half the outstanding support requests now as they were showing last week (though I suspect weekends (hobby users) and Monday mornings (business users) are always a bit hectic for them),


I doubt they are short staffed with tech support but the time it takes for an admin to get to your ticket has gone up. I’ve been pushing about a week for one problem which I’m pretty sure is going to require an admin since it’s rather complicated (SPF records for ded fail when using webmail because webmail doesn’t use ded for smtp. It uses – I think).

I still miss the old DH were admins and support were pretty much one. It seems like every problem I come across takes at least two tickets before it gets escalated. My fav was it took DH over a week to notice mysql wasn’t running on my box. Oops!

However, once DH notices the problem they actually fix it right. In fact, I had one great experience where Dallas went through and reconfigured the Jabber package to fix MUC and SSL keys. Support like that is probably why I continue to stick with DH and recommend them.

[quote]I still miss the old DH


Those were the days, my friend. We thought they’d never end…

You are welcome to a refund.-Michael;Comparing ‘DH of today’ with ‘DH of old’ does not serve much purpose.-Dallas

The “old days” were pretty cool - back then they probably would have gone ahead and imported the data for him without even being asked :wink: Times were different back then.