Support response?

Wondering how long after submitting an “OMG” level support ticket one usually has to wait for a reply.

Also, it’s pretty cool to have the support form mock you when you’re in the process of dealing with what, to you at least, is a serious issue. Nice to know that Dreamhost has a more jocular attitude regarding support.

Yesterday I had a long discussion over chat with a DH support rep who led me through the process of moving a domain name from one web space in our DH account to another web space. He said the IP address would most likely not change.

After following his instructions late last night, the IP address changed, so we had to update our externally hosted DNS. It worked for about a half-hour before going down again with this well-bemoaned error

It appears DH may have switched it back to the initial IP address, but they are not responding to my ticket.

Why am I posting this here? Because I’m supposed to being doing something on behalf of my client and DH has me in support limbo. So I’m venting.

In my experience, you tend to get better support once you make your problem public.

I first reported this problem 6 hours ago, tacked onto to another support ticket (which was answered incorrectly, twice; the correct answer came after I reported this new issue that broke the site).

I’ve now started a new ticket just for this issue.

It occurs to me, while I’m waiting, that if Dreamhost encounters this error so often that they made a custom error page just for this error alone, that maybe they should work out a way to keep it from happening. That would be even cooler than a custom error page.