Support Response Time

What is the expected response time for a server-down problem to get some communication from support?

My website/Private Server has been down since about 5 pm yesterday (over 20 hours). I submitted one ticket 16 hours and 33 minutes ago, and another 7 hours 11 minutes ago. Neither has been answered.

I used the “Things are broken and I’d like them not to be” option because I’m not comfortable using the all caps hyperbolic doom option.

It’s clear that there’s a major problem. It’s showing these errors and notices:

http service for error Your website does not appear in the Apache configuration file.
shell service for user xxx on ps17237 error Your home directory does not exist on your web server.
http service for warning Your website took longer than 5 seconds to respond.
ps17237 notice Your web server did not respond to our tests.

I’m naturally quite concerned. Shouldn’t I be hearing something (even a “we’re working on it”) by now?