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I noticed a couple posts here about the customer support response, or lack thereof, lately. Does anyone else have any opinions on the matter? I tried to send the following message to someone other than support, but dreamhost’s Contact Us form is too smart for me, and it was simply added as a support request in my panel. So I thought that I’d post it here.

Is the following too harsh? I know that it hasn’t been long (36 hours), but the lack of any response at all is weird, isn’t it? I’d love to be corrected. I really want to be a dreamhost fan!

I recently moved to dreamhost from textdrive in search of better uptime. So far (ahem, 2 days), uptime has been great!

I sent a request for a CNAME record via my panel, and I haven’t had a response for 36+ hours now. Not even an automated “We got your request, now go away”.

I’m starting to feel neglected and unhappy, and you’re about to lose a customer. (Granted, I’m an 888 customer, so I may not be worth your time anyway.)

But please, please, send a reply to your customers even if you can’t act on the support request right away! That’s not asking too much, is it? I know that my CNAME request isn’t urgent and you all have better things to do, but, on the internets, silence can only mean one of two things: 1) you didn’t get my message, or 2) you are ignoring it.

As a new customer, this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, and I can tell you that I won’t be a customer too much longer, and, sorry for the cliche, I won’t be recommending you to my friends either. Your control panel rocks, your services are cheap, and you have a good reputation. If only your customer support was in line with the rest!

Well, what can I say? Who knows if it’s a coincidence or a response to my second support request, but I just received the following from support. My support request has been fulfilled, and while this is great news for me, I’d still be interested in others’ experiences.

This response does indicate that they know there’s a problem with their response time. Why isn’t there a note about that on the support request form in the panel? I can’t help but think that this is something I could’ve been made aware of 36 hours ago.


Sorry for the delayed response. We are receiving a heavy volume of
support requests. Our entire staff are working hard towards getting
everything back to normal. Again, we apologize for any type of
incnvenience this may have caused.

I don’t think it’s too harsh at all. Dreamhost is’t fast about getting back to support requests, but 36 hours is too much. My personal expirence has been that I get a response in 5 or 6 hours, once in a while closer to 24, but (again this is only my expirence) it’s been worth the wait as support is actually helpful when they reply.

I suspect there are acutally some big behind the sceans problems going on right now, because there has been a slew of prblems and a slew of slow support compalaints. There’s a router replacement planed for tomorrow night, and possibly this will help fix the problems.

There has also been more metnion of deleted support tickts again, which is concerning. There is supposedly E-mail addresses for dalls, josh, nate, and others (founders) to be found - and it may be that you contact them - but don’t just ask your question i the E-mail explain that you’re not getting a response, or that your support ticket was deleted without answer. If you just ask a support type question, they’ll just add it to the support que and it will get you no where. As for what their E-mail addresses are, I don’t know. Search…


Since I’m on Dreamhost (near 1 year) I have seen sometime this problem.
They sometime have problem to catchup the tickets, but usually they come back stronger than before.

For record, I contacted them late Monday and got a reply 21 hours later. Still good for me since I can do nearly everything.

IF people would try to read the KB and wiki, or ask on the forum, they wouldn’t have over 700 open ticket to solve everyday…

My previous hosting never answered to my email and phone never worked, so I can wait 48h to have answer to my problem (and as I said, with the Control Panel, you can do everything, so I contact them only 1 time every 2 month or so for billing or general question)

We do send an autoresponder messages out to every support message that comes in so you should have at least received that. You may want to check spam folders and things just to make sure.

Our support load has been very high this week and it was high last week as well. We just added a couple of new support people a couple of weeks ago and we’re close to adding another. The 888 sale has been quite successful and we’re feeling some burn from that. The sale will be ending very soon.

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