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I sent 5 emails to dreamhost support last week over 7 days due to problems not being able to log into the web panel - and to date I have received a total of 0 responses. Nothing! NADA! Anyone else had such good service lately?

I couldn’t log in so I couldn’t open a ticket - dreamhoststatus had nothing on it so there was no way for me to address the problem other than send an email from a previous complaint to the support team. I still can’t access the webpanel from the main page and get an error when I try to log in or send myself a password reminder. The only way I’ve found to get into the site is to hit “contact us” on front page and then log in from the webpanel on the side.

Email isn’t an effective way to contact support. Try:


p.s. Most of us get great service, provided we use appropriate channels of communication. Heck, even someone was commenting that they got a sales response on the weekend!

Where have you been sending your emails?

As Scott points out, the contact form is the best substitute for the panel when you can’t get in.

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If you can log in before, you can try to clear your cache and log in again.

$50 off and 3 free domains with code: [color=#CC0000]DH3[/color] Sign Up NOW or More Codes Here - since I’ve had to email back and forth with dreamhost countless numbers of times over the past 7 years with downtime/connectivity issues - it seemed like a logical place to start since I couldn’t log in.

I don’t mean to sound irritated by this but you can’t call dreamhost and now you’re telling me you can’t email either? - seriously - you can’t email dreamhost for help? email? is it not a part of your package? I figured dreamhost would use all the features available to them, even something as wacky and out there as email. I’ve heard it could catch on big time. You should jump on board before you get left behind!

You’re writing this as if you’re talking to Dreamhost employees, but we’re just your fellow customers…

I don’t think we’re saying anything about what you can and can’t do, we’re just letting you know what we’ve experienced and heard are the fastest and best ways of communicating with support. I imagine that there’s both lots of spam and lots of lost email due to misidentification as spam at the email address that you mention.

It’s certainly not unreasonable to hope for responses from that email, but common sense says that we should try the forms of communication that are listed as the ones that work the best.

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sorry Lensman my mistake.