Support R in VPS


R is one of the go-to open-source statistical software available.
Many websites can rely on it to analyze data or offer custom apps. I need it for various sites i am developing.

Unfortunately one requires root access to install R and DreamHost no longer supports root access for its VPS (Gator and InMotion do).

It would be great (and dramatically increase the prospects of me staying with DreamHost’s VPS) if DreamHost offered the option to install R to users without root access.


Hi urisohn,

DreamHost VPS is a managed VPS, which means that there are constantly automated processes that upgrade and configure the virtual machine for security and regular maintenance. This allows users never to have to worry about 0day security issues with Apache or nginx, for example, because DreamHost does the upgrades for you. Mixing robots doing the maintenance and humans (via root access) proved to create more troubles than it’s worth.

If you need root access, I suggest you to try DreamHost cloud on it allows you a lot more freedom and power than our VPS and it can also be quite cheaper. R will run great on DreamHost Cloud resources, on a more modern Linux distribution, too.