Support Queue

I’ve noticed recently that the customer support e-mail system has changed. Previously, after sending an e-mail, it would say which position you were in line, and how many people were in line total. At some point this was changed to only show how long your e-mail has been waiting in line.

Does anyone know why they chose to change this? It was incredibly handy in the old style, and definately made me feel like progress was being made toward resolving my issue. Even if I’m in position 512, seeing it change to 511 reassures me that my message won’t be ignored.

With the new system, it feels like it takes forever for customer support to get back to me. In fact, I’m almost positive the average response time has doubled or tripled.

Sorry if this post is full of errors… I’m incredibly tired and just about to go to bed.

I agree. My currently open support issue has been open for “9 days 17 hours” and I can assume that there is something going on, but there’s not a lot of feedback. Of course just today DH has the excellent excuse of cleaning up after the DDOS attack, but in general the support tab in the web panel isn’t as informative as it used to be.


I’ll second that. The problem is that if you don’t know where you are on the support list, then you also don’t know if you would be better off trying to solve your own problem. Or when to recall your support request either.

For example, in the past I had a problem, but was able to fix it myself before the ticket was responded to. Now, if I have a support request, I have no idea when it will be responded to. It makes you want to leave your request up even if you’ve already solved your own problem, just to see if anyone will ever get to it. I’m sure that that costs them more time.

My guess about the reason they did this was that support lag was increasing, maybe due to losing some support personnel, and they don’t want you to see that it might take several days?

Again, just a guess. Of the 6 hosting providers I have been with, they are still (by far) the best.

Just for people’s info, the reason we decided to take down the queue listing was mostly because it just wasn’t an accurate representative of when your question was going to get answered. Questions aren’t always done in a first come first served order… it varies based on how difficult they are for the people on right then, how urgent the request is, and some other factors. So it was just more confusing and annoying for people than it was worth! We’re still not trying to hide anything, so kept up the total queue size, but thought the exact location in the queue was sort of irrelevant…