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Hi all,
I thought may be if any staff memebr is browsing forums so I can get them quickly, I have posted a question in support ticket, can anyone please reply to that, its now 11 hours 57 mins… actually I am frustrated with my existing host, currenly my site of off due to exceed of bandwidht limit (I am not currenly hosted with DreamHost), but I have purchased Code Monster account…

I have asked question about data transfer, please reply me so that if it is possible I will certainly stay with DreamHost (since I loved your packages)…otherwise I will have to start search for host :frowning:


  • Ali…

Support response time is supposed to be within 24 hours.

An informational request, such as yours, will be generally be lower in priority for response than a site outage or billing concern.

While there are some DH staff that come into this board, it’s not staffed like that.

You might want to post your question and see if anyone here can help with it.

Welcome to Dreamhost, I think you’ll end up liking it.

1 day 3 hours to my questions…

I am still waiting…
what if I had some serious problem, its just the starting…

Why not post your question here. There are quite a few customers who might be able to answer your question.

But, without knowing exactly what your question is about data transfer, no one can help.


Like I said, Dreamhost aspires to respond to support requests within 24 hours. Sometimes they don’t make the 24 hours.

What if you had a serious problem? When you submitted your support request, you would designate the seriousness of the problem (site outage, etc.) by using the pull-down menu in the ticket and the support staff would prioritize your request over purely informational requests in the queue.

Again, you should consider posting your question or problem on the board… there might be someone who has encountered it themselves. If you haven’t already, you should do a search to see if anyone has asked the question already. Be sure to designate all the forums and all the dates.

well - thank you for your kind offer for support…

Actually I have asked for refund now, I purchased Code Monster package two days back, which is brilliant…

the problem was that I asked support to transfer my existing data from my site, which is about 1400MB, its almost imposible for me to download and then again upload those files since I am on dialup…

I am not much into hosting stuff, so I cant do it myself. Support answered me that they will not transfer my data, so its hard for me to stay here, I fuond another host which will do this for me happily :slight_smile:

actually I donot post much questions to support, becuase I am not a trouble maker :slight_smile: so I usually solve my problems myself, but if in the start my queries will take 2 days to get a reply, then its kinda difficult to work with… my query status below…

another question… 9 hours 43 mins
some urgent / important questions… 1 day 13 hours

anyways thank you guys, now I am waiting when will they send me refund confirmation…


  • Ali…

If your other host offers SSH or telnet, there’s a fairly simple way to do it. You would have probably been better off asking here first.

Thanks - its refunded.


  • Ali…

[quote]When you submitted your support request, you would designate
the seriousness of the problem (site outage, etc.) by using the
pull-down menu in the ticket


Provided as a new user you worked out to go by description of the variable (severity) rather than its misleading values (site outage/emergency etc.) DH would be better changing the values to low >>> high IMO.

Should it not be possible also over FTP? I would really like to find a web-based app that did this.

Do you mean FTP-to-FTP transfers? There’s an excellent piece of software called Beyond Compare that can transfer files from one FTP account to another, without passing through your local dial-up twice. It’s made by and it’s absolutely worth the money!

Try out DreamHost with a free WebIDPrices, options

I do, and I was thinking of a simple web-based rather than a workstation app as versatile as BD, but thanks for the recommendation - it looks very useful.

I’ve thought the same thing, myself.

My guess is that they classified it by type of emergency rather than letting the customers decide how big of emergency their support request is.

I have a feeling that every single request would be designated as high. Can’t figure out how to add a counter to your page and you promised your uncle that the page you put up for him would have a counter? That’s a big emergency!