Support Options

What type of support options does DreamHost have? Call/Chat/Email?

What’s the average response time for support inquiries?

-Email (via contact form), forum (here :wink: ), fax, snail mail.
Phone callback for level2 and more.

-Depends if they are busy or not and the way you contact them.

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I can only quote from personal experience and encourage others too as well. :slight_smile:

I’ve only made “routine” requests like “could you add a wildcard DNS entry for my domain” at “low/moderate” priority. It was handled within a day.

I imagine there’s a lot of variation on both response time and resolution time. Obviously if they’re super-busy, response time will go up. And obviously if they are having trouble diagnosing a problem, they won’t fix it quickly. :smiley:

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Average Response Time is 5 hours. ~50% of support messages are answered withing the first hour. So basically easy questions are answered immediately and the more difficult or involved questions take a little longer as they filter their way through the organization.

DH support is based on emails.

However, if you purchase L2, L3, or L4 hosting plan, you will have Call tech support.

It varies. The ticket to DH support is specified to different categories. You can send a “Emergency” ticket and they will reply to you very fast. If you are not in a hurry, just send a normal ticket, they will reply in 72 hours. But this is not accurate. It varies depending on the situations.

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