Support levels have been reduced?


I only contact support about once or twice a year. The response times were quite decent and live support was available.

I seldom see the live support option anymore, has that feature been removed or hours reduced?

So I submitted a ticket #8492648.

I cannot recall ever waiting that long before.

It has been 21+ hour without response. Is that the new normal?

Thanks for any feedback…

Edit: Also, after 21 hours new information comes to light on my side which raises additional questions. I cannot see an edit button on the ticket. Is there a way to edit the existing ticket to add additional information?

Edit 2: If you submit a ticket while forgetting to enter the subject text, the ticket system actually responds with:

Failed to submit your ticket:
Please enter a subject!

All your detailed ticket description is lost, you are sent back to the beginning of the process again. Furthermore even the back button does not rescue the long description entered thus far. That does not meet basic web standards and is highly irritating to have to re-type your entire submission again.


As a company grows, resources are stretched.


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