Support Latency

I’ve been with DH for three days now. On day one both of my domains were up with no hitches whatsoever. That night, both of my servers go down. I can ssh into the box where they are hosted and issue a wget, but I get a connection refused for both of my domains. My emails to support remain unanswered.

Is this standard behaviour for DH? If my site goes down will I have to wait two days for someone to even consider my problem?

just got a response now. (2 days+) The rep did not look very closely. Said the problem was having DNS with another provider. First, one of my domains was on ns* The second domain did have DNS hosted outside of DH, however, the DNS A record for my second domain was pointing to the DH server where I am supposedly hosted. Hoping the next reply comes soon…

When one of my sites goes down, thankfully it doesn’t happen very often, I use the ‘Is my server down?’ section of the Web Panel to notify DreamHost. The problem is generally resolved in less than an hour.


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Tried that twice. I get a message that it is not a server wide problem. Seems pretty useless to me!