Support! Is there any?


I just signed up for an account 2 days ago (the basic one) and had a support question which I emailed yesterday and 24 hours later I still have no reply. Is this usual for this company because if it is I am afraid I will be moving.

All I asked was why they have removed my access to quicktime when it clearly says in the comparisons that that is part of the package. When I go to add quicktime it says ‘You cannot add any QuickTime Streaming Service to your domains because your plans don’t provide it. QuickTime Streaming Service is available only on Sweet Dreams and higher plans.’


As yo may have read in other discussions, Dreamhost support is trying to catch up with its fast growth and they are falling behind. They are in the process of hiring, so I expect this will get better in the future.

You’re right, all the plans allow for QT streaming. When support gets back to you, I imagine they’ll take care of this.

One thought - has your plan that you signed up for 2 days ago been approved? If approval is still pending, the full features available to paying customers might not be available to you.

Good luck!

Might have been on a weekend? Is it solved yet?

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