Support hours?


I logged a detailed support issue through the online form about 4 hours ago, but no reply - no confirmation email, no support response. is this the normal standard of service? What hours do DH support operate?


Did you do this through the panel? If so, you should see your message in “Support>Support History” in the panel.

If you see it there, then it’s typically the case that someone from support is actively working on your ticket. One bad thing I’ve noticed about the support system is that there isn’t any confirmation that someone has read your submission and is working on the problem. There’s just a long silence until the issue is investigated and resolved.

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Hi Lensman
Yes, ticket was lodged through the Support area in the panel. I can see it in the support history, but that’s not helping me resolve the issue… :frowning: Shame about the long silence you mentioned.

So, are the support team 24/7? And is this sort of delay normal? I was really impressed with response time on some presales queries I had, but this is much less impressive. I’m new to DH, so trying to find out if the complete package (including support / issue resolution) is going to meet my needs.


Yes, the support team is 24x7.

A lot depends on how busy they get but mostly how long it takes to actually debug your issue. It also depends on whether your issue is actually a sysadmin issue, a config request, or a coding question, etc.

Besides it being impossible to estimate what their backlog is, it’s hard to estimate how long it might take them to resolve your issue without knowing what the problem is.

As I said before, one unfortunate feature of their ticket system is that you can’t tell whether you’re wainting in queue or whether someone is looking into the issue.

I do know that if you server is straight up non-responsive or down that it takes them a while to selectively disable the offending site that is bringing the server to its knees.

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sometimes, they will work on your case first. By the time they come back to you, the problem is already solved.

If the case is very difficult, they will send you an email telling you that they’ve passed your case to technical support team.

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hmmm. Thanks for the advice Patrick. I have recieved a response, but it basically told me that I probably had one of my settings wrong (I haven’t, at least as far as the instructions I was sent and the support wiki are concerned, and of course I triple-checked all that before I logged the ticket. I’m not a complete muppet).

DH is looking less attractive by the hour.


This is a basic email config problem. My primary DH email address hasn’t worked since I joined, and I have checked everything repeatedly and tried everything in the wiki before logging a ticket.

They have got back to me now, to say I’ve probably mistyped my login (duh… nope) and that my webmail problem is fixed (uhhh… no it isnt). So still not fixed, and they’re still not inspiring me with confidence.

Thanks for the advice tho Lensman. I’ll give it a couple more hours before I ditch DH and get a refund.


Can you send? Can you receive? What is the email client you are using? What error messages are you receiving?



Hi rlparker, thank you for asking, you obviously want to help… I think it’s great that the DH community helps each other out, but I feel that the service and support is part of the overall service I’m paying for… and at the moment, as a first impression, I’d like them to actually do what I am (and every other DH customer is) paying them for.

If I a) dont get a satisfactory answer, and b) decide to stay with DH anyway, I’ll post a request for help here.

PS. I really don’t mean this answer to sound rude, snobbish or anything like that. Please dont take it that way. I appreciate your trying to help.



You are welcome. No problem … Good luck! :slight_smile: