Support Form


Is it me or did the support form change to just a regular subject and message type form instead of the old process of selecting the issue, picking the servers, and then entering a message and selecting the type of urgency.

I actually preferred the old form.


I do to.

Dreamhost makes poor decisions sometime, but the real problem is they stick with the poor choice regardless, and do it almost with the reverence, and don’t retreat or correct the poor choice.


A common customer complaint about the old support form was that it took far too many steps to submit a ticket. So far, it’s been our impression that most customers are much happier with the new simplified form. That being said, if there’s something specific you’re missing from the old form, please let us know!


I’m a new customer, I actually just came from a host that required all that + cPanel Username + domain name

Much prefer this, my old host actually required cPanel account Username or “root” if a VPS/Dedicated server client - that was mandatory

no, less steps - simplified … is the way to go :slight_smile: