Support for XMPP-based IM server


Do you provide access to OpenSource IM Servers such as:

  • JabberD
  • JiveMessenger ( http// )

Thanks in advanced.

Every DH customer is allowed one Jabber server. More Info

Thanks for answer so quickly.

I need some more details if possible.

I’m Flash Developer, My Jabber Client is Flash-based using the XIFF library (XMPP protocol for Flash) which is currently only supported with 2 kinds of XMPP Server: JabberD and JiveMessenger.

That’s why i would like to know what is the deamon of your Jabber server ? The most common is JabberD 1.4…

I read a post that scared me a bit.

Quote: “Once you submit that form your new user will be created on the server within five minutes and you’ll be able to connect through any Jabber client”

Is that mean when someone is going to register to my flash-based client it has to wait 5mn before being able to log-in ?
Precisly my Flash-projet I would like to host is something like ( without video streaming of course ). It will be an online community chat, kind of. (25-50 users as max)

Thanks you for giving me more details.

unfortunately at this time the only way to sign up a new user is through the hosting’s web panel (Dreamhost’s control panel). Your Flash client signup wouldn’t be possible here at this time.

I just checked the Dreamhost Suggestion queue and “Allow “open” creation of new Jabber users, rather than just through the web panel.” was submitted in July of 2004 and is yet to be implemented.

Frankly there hasn’t been much audible/public response from Dreamhost on this issue so I don’t think anyone’s holding their breath around here.


I’d send them an e-mail just letting them know your needs. Jason is right, dreamhost doesn’t allow “open” creation of jabber users. Just shoot sales or support an e-mail asking if they have any plans to do it. Couldn’t hurt :slight_smile: