Support for Mono


I’d like DH to reconsider support for Mono. It’s been around for years, stable, efficient, well supported, growing, and under-represented by competitors. I’m a .NET guy but I host all of my LAMP stuff here. I’d really enjoy hosting Mono-based websites here.

The only thing that prevents DH from hosting Mono is techo-religion - an unreasonable bias for other technologies. Mono is Not a Microsoft product. It’s not owned or supported by the evil empire. Get some current information and you’ll find that Mono is as open and capable as any Java or PHP or Ruby framework. Don’t impose personal religious preferences on your customer/prospect base. Support current technologies that make sense (aye, there’s the escape clause) and let your paying customers decide what they want to use.

If DH does not wish to support Mono directly, it would be very helpful if you at least document what’s required for us to run it ourselves so that every individual doesn’t need to go through the school of hard knocks. Or tell us why it will not or cannot be supported and then we can stop asking DH and just take business elsewhere for this one feature.



We actually had a lengthy discussion about this last November on one of our internal lists and the issue wasn’t ideological at all. What we were most concerned about was providing something which we can properly support for our customers. Unfortunately there are a number of issues with Mono which would be very challenging from a support perspective (such as how paths function between the Operating Systems and where user home directories reside) which would be quite difficult for us to assist in debugging. While customer are welcome to install Mono on VPS or Dedicated which they set to unmanaged, we’re not outfitted to support it ourselves as it currently functions (our expertise lies in other areas).


I can’t tell you how much I sincerely appreciate that “unprovoked” response - and the internal discussion that preceded it. Thank you Very much!

Sure, in VPS we can do whatever we want, for a price. I’m just continually frustrated with the idea that I can run my blog, CMS, tracker, forum, photo galleries, and other apps here, but for anything that involves my actual core business (.NET development services ( and some Java/PHP) ) I need to use a different server. I can get my PHP apps to invoke ASP.NET functionality via web services and IFrames, but the call to the remote server needs to be proxied. It’s much more elegant to host everything in one environment.

More to the point - I kinda don’t care about debugging support. If the platform is confirmed to work, I mean if you really know it works and you document the rules, then I’d work within the confines and get my support elsewhere.

But OK, given that you’ve actually considered the options and techno-religion / ideology are not the culprits here, I’ll accept the resolution for now and simply hope for a change in the future.

Thanks again.


There was actually a suggestion of silently adding it (and thus avoiding implied support for it) - if there is a package that already exists for Debian you can always track it down ( and ask us to install it on your VPS or dedicated for you as that’s relatively trivial. We’re also in the process of implementing some new things on the system engineering side over the next several months so feel free to contact me directly ( to see if it’s a good time to revisit the discussion in the future.


I won’t bother you with email now (you sure you wanted to publish that :wink: ) but will follow-up in a few months. I’m just happy with the candid exchanges.

I don’t want to get VPS to support this. If I got a VPS, I could do this on my own and wouldn’t need to bother DH. :slight_smile: But the whole point is that I want to do as much as I can with DH, in my shared space, and without bothering DH support. I think the ideal solution would be for DH to provide shared hosting services in servers that are dedicated to supporting Mono. Enable mod_mono in Apache and do whatever is required for configuration in just those servers - just to be sure that other users aren’t adversely affected. I’d be happy to get re-hosted into such a server as an alpha/beta. Then when the environment is well defined and tested perhaps all shared hosts can get the updates.

I don’t mind the silent/no-support option, but of course as I said in my last post, it must be fully functional and documented, or company efforts to provide the functionality will be wasted as no one can/will use software if they can’t figure out how and can’t ask anyone who did the implementation. No-support is OK, just don’t take the initiative and set it up for inevitable failure.

Separate but related, I’m a marketing machine. If DH supported Mono I would be singing the praises all over .NET/Mono forums. That would draw more people to develop/deploy Mono solutions here. We would then support one another just like PHP people here do. I think I could draw some C# MVPs here too, lending even more credibility to the services. (Hell, I would love to get a reseller commission on every Mono-enabled shared account if we could lock it down like that!) I’m not going to stick out a carrot for thousands of new shared-host customers, that could be unrealistic. But there must be “some” value associated with this sort of marketing and business from industries where DH hasn’t yet penetrated. That space is still largely untapped, and some companies that have tried this half-heartedly have drawn business from developers who are now very unhappy. Just look around and ask yourself “how many good Mono hosts are really out there, and how much new business can we get if we become the premier/recognized/go-to provider of Mono hosting in the world?”