Support Contact

Does anyone have any idea on how to actually talk to a live person? I have been going round and round on an issue for several days now. And now it’s looking like I’m about to have another long drawn out issue. I would like to give these guys every effort possible to get up and running, however, if I’m going to continue to see the current turnaround times and vague support responses I want to get out before the money back period ends.

Thanks in advance.

I’m beginning to think my last deal wasn’t such a bad deal after all. Cpanel was nice and centralized, it always worked (at modhost anyway), I didn’t require half a dozen usernames, I’ve never had reason to contact support (no downtime, easily configurable, no several hour days just for changing passwords, etc.), and although bandwidth and storage was considerably less, I never hit the limit and the package cost less.

I’ve only been with dreamhost for twelve hours and had three problems that are completely preventing me from transferring my sites to its servers and configuring them. Unproductive time. The latest problem being that I can’t login in to because the https server isn’t responding. This happened for half an hour last night as well.

What have I done? Time for a refund methinks.