Support and SSL

Is the forum the best place to get support?

I’m not used to seeing massive response times of over 21 hours.

Because of the huge response times for support, I just decided to buy another SSL through Dreamhost, instead of waiting to see if they can transfer my old one. But now there is an error (screenshot attached)


Any ideas on how to set SSL on my website?

DreamHost has good support for free SSL/TLS certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Unless a site has specific cert requirements (extended certs, wildcards, etc), I’d recommend Let’s Encrypt.

I can’t read the error message. “uh oh…” I think.
What else?

If you click on the screenshot, a larger version of the image is displayed, and then use browser zoom as needed. The error message says: “Uh Oh! Error(s) occurred on the page.”

Hi @DavidSavill

Is the error occurring when you try to purchase the certificate for the domain? Please make sure the state is not abbreviated when purchasing the certificate, as this can cause an issue.

If you hit continue, it should highlight the area that is problematic. If that doesn’t work, let us know!

Thank you,

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