Suppor Response Time and Really Slow Site



I’ve been experiencing deadly slow page loads ever since starting with DreamHost. It usually takes at least 30 seconds and sometimes over a full minute to load my site and all my site has on it is a WordPress blog at this point.

I ran a diagnostic test and it said:
“Your web server has been under a high load on a regular basis.”

I double checked that it wasn’t my coding making the pages load so slowly (even logging into my wordpress admin takes minutes, and each click is a full minute away, too)

So I’m not sure which I’m bugged most about:
A) Everything I just explained above
B) The fact that I submitted this to DreamHost FIVE DAYS AGO and still have no response?

Is this for real?



If the site you are referring to is I agree that it is slowish. Reverse DNS shows it is being served from

Is it on the Blingy cluster? You can check by activating the ajaxy “Account Status” link in the upper right area of your panel screen. The server listed under “Email” is your cluster.

If it is Blingy, then you should take a look at the to understand what is happening at present … and that could also account for why you have not yet received a tech support response.

Additionally, when you are not receiving tech support responses over a several day period, it is always possible you are not getting the emails that DreamHost has sent. This is particularly likely to happen if your default email of record is a DreamHost email address on your account (since there may be a problem with email on that account!). This is one of the reasons you should always have an additional “non-DreamHost” email account set up to receive DreamHost correspondence. You can do this from within the Control Panel (“Edit Profile” - upper right corner).

Finally, to make sure you have not missed a tech support response, you should check the archives of all correspondence that DreamHost maintains in the Control Panel -> Support -> Support History screens. There you will find copies of everything DreamHost has sent you (even if the email never made it to you, or got caught in your spam filter, or whatever).



Oh, thank you very much! I had read the update about the blingy problems, but I’m such a n00b and I really didn’t think it affected me. I’m on Toadstool so I figured my email server would be the same.

Also, I have been checking the support correspondence every day in my panel and there has been no response (my account email is also not not hosted with DH) so it really is just a slow response on their behalf.

Thanks for the blingy tip.



I have been having a similar problem for the past couple of days at
A couple of times yesterday it returned a Wordpress database error ( the databases were not accessible) and it has been very slow to load ever since.
This weekend is our annual squash tournament and we’re going to see peak traffic so it is a bit disturbing that this had to happen now. Could someone please have a look and see whats going on?
And no, we’re not on the blingy cluster (forint, randy, duchess for Web, Email and mySQL respectively)


And the database server seems to be down once again at !!! NOT GOOD AT ALL! :frowning:
I’m getting emails from a whole bunch of people now! HELP!


Okay the site is back up now…whew! But slow. Whats going on? :frowning:


If you are not on the Blingy cluster, and particularly given the critical timing involved with your tournament, you should contact support about this issue.

We are only customers here, like yourself, and while we can help with a lot of stuff, if your account needs “back end attention” from DreamHost, this is not the way to reach them - only a Support Request from the web panel can accomplish that. Good Luck!



Thanks but everything is back to normal now…that seemed like a hiccup and I panicked. But I’d like to know the cause of the hiccup nevertheless.
I put in a support ticket. Thanks.


You are welcome, and good luck! Hopefully things will stay stable and good for you as you prepare for your tournament! :slight_smile:



I’m on toadstool aswell and its been drop dead slow and unresponsive for all the 2 month i have had dreamhost hosting.

I was told back then that the network at the LA hosting site was saturated but was being updated. Nothing has changed so i was planning to get back to them now…