Supid nubie question about Panel


I’m newish to websites in general. The one website i had before this had cpanel as it’s utility for configuring website options. It worked under port 2082 (ex:

Is there such a thing with hosting at DreamHost or is everything done through FTP and their website and the “Panel” area?

Thanks in advance,


Standard accounts only use regular ports (FTP, HTTP, etc) for managing sites. You’ll have to do it from the panel here, or through a standard Port 80 connection to your site. Or via FTP if it’s a matter of editing files.


Hey thanks for the quick reply!

Exactly what i needed to know.

Could you also tell me where i need to create the public_html folder?

When you set up a Fully Hosted Domain in the panel, it creates a folder in your home directory. Put your files there. This is instead of public_html.


Thanks again for your timely reply, Scott.

You’ve been much help.