Supervised Email

I would request a new class of email address be added: the “Supervised” email address.

This address is designed to be for youth who are learning their way around email and the internet. Their parent(s) would be able to supervise their use of email through this new class of address.

A supervised address would be a “Fully Hosted” email address that:

  1. Auto-forwards all inbound email to the supervising email address(es), AND
  2. Auto-BCC’s all outbound email to the same supervising address(es).

Up to two supervising addresses would be ideal, so that both parents can be involved if they wish.

By doing this, DreamHost would be providing an invaluable service to parents and youth-serving organizations. DreamHost would be helping to keep youth who are learning their way around email safe online. Parents would be able to see any inappropriate contacts or content sent to their children. Additionally, parents would be able to educate their children on internet etiquette. They would see how and when (or when not) their children are responding to emails. Internet literacy, including email literacy, is an important skill children need to learn to succeed in the adult business world. DreamHost is uniquely positioned to provide parents a tool to help teach this literacy.

I sincerely hope that you are willing to add this feature. You would be enabling parents to provide both education and protection for their children in a way that would be very difficult to implement without your help.

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