Super Slow Wordpress - 2 clients different servers

I have two separate clients who are hosting Wordpress sites on Dreamhost. Both sites have become incredibly slow this past week.
The slow response time is not just client facing, but in the admin backside.

The first site went live on March 17th. It was built and tested on a Canvas Dreams server where is was speedy and responsive. Very shortly after the site was moved the Dreamhost server the server went down (due to power failure on west coast) and remained down over night and into the next day. When the server came back up the site was super sluggish and difficult to maneuver. I have optimized the databases and made other tweaks as well as doing a thorough security check to make sure there were no unknown threats in the previous install (found none)… but the speed is still painfully slow.

The second site ( is in development and has been in place on the server for months and months with no issues. It has been fast and responsive during development. Today I checked it and the admin side is as slow as molasses.

Any ideas what is making both of these sites, on different Dreamhost servers both painfully slow? Also, they are both running Buddypress and S2Member.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!


us too! our website is running extraordinarily slow…has been for the past few days.
we’ve tried reducing files on server and it didn’t work.
we are going to optimize the database next but thought we’d reply to these forums since it seems like we’re not an anomaly.
was working fine a couple weeks ago and we haven’t changed anything.
the home page is 1.3mb ~ should load in about 3 seconds. right now it’s 30+

Well … Buddypress is probably what’s up. It’s not what I’d call super speed.

That said, you’re still on PHP 5.2, sjmaki, so you should change that to 5.3 or 5.4 and your site will speed up. Turning on PageSpeed may help too, but I don’t know how well it works with BP.

In both cases, you may want to ask for Apache to be restarted on your servers. Some processes may have gotten hung up due to the outages.

Thank you. Upgrading the PHP did help dramatically on one site. Only slightly on the other. I will request that that servers Apache be restarted. Thank you for the reply!

Sounds more like a placebo effect kicking in. Request a server move :wink:

It’s not placebo :slight_smile: His server is actually pretty fast per top (which is normally what we look at for a server move) and I checked pagespeed metrics. PHP is a huge factor in how WP runs, though. 5.2 works, but you know how much memory that hog eats. It behaves really badly with a lot of complex plugins, especially BP and BBP, which make a lot more CPTs on the fly than any other plugins save ecommerce.

It was a placebo effect. Just now there was a 14.95 second wait time reported using online tools for the URL. Taking into account that the file being served is index.html it can be reasonably safe to conclude that the wait time had nothing to do with WP, BP, BBP, or the PHP version implemented.

I’m also having WordPress slowdown issues. I signed up for Dreamhost this past Friday despite all the negative feedback surrounding their Data Center issues. Setup was fast and easy. I started working on the site via their mirroring service while the domain propagated. The Wordpress site was much faster than the host I was moving my client from so I was very happy and felt that I made the right choice. I duplicated all the content from the previous host, and since it was a new site for the client, there were only 5 or so pages and 3 blog posts. And I only had 3 plugins installed.

So Monday comes around and I started working on the site again via the actual domain name. Things seemed fine, but I started noticing a slowdown as the day went by. By the afternoon the Wordpress admin was very slow. The only reason the frontend seemed fast is because of the caching plugin that I had installed. But you could still notice the slowdown if you submitted a contact form. Any way, I submitted a ticket yesterday. Today the site was worse. I keep receiving 500 Internal server errors. Dreamhost replied to my ticket with the following:

“I’ve checked into why you’ve been seeing slowness/timeouts, and it seems your scripts have been getting automatically killed by our Process Watcher script due to your sites going over Memory limits on the shared server:”

I couldn’t believe that. I really don’t know what to say to that. Like I said above, this site contains minimal content and the blog is not even live yet. The site is loading a static homepage for now and there are no links to the blog.

Good luck with your blogs.

Disable them, clear all caches, and retest.

Same issues. Slow back end issues today.

I am having the same problem with my site:

It takes about 20-30 seconds to load, if not more. I use W3 Total Cache but even the back end takes forever.

Any suggestions? Its not really workable.

SeanT - Have you opened a ticket?

Darren870 - We;re currently moving your server to new hardware. You can check your panel for the latest update :slight_smile:

Okay, its been saying the same thing since the original error so I wasn’t sure what is going on.

Yea. They had MySQL on my VPS versus moving to my server. Once they moved it My load time increased significantly on all my sites.