Super Slow Site

Hi All,

I have tried everything that I’m capable of to improve my site speed. It takes about 45 seconds to load. Tested on multiple networks, with multiple browser types. I have minimized the plugin usage. I’ve disabled plugins one at a time, tested, and then re-enabled if the speed didnt improve. I’ve run multiple speed tests and gotten mixed results. I just submited a help desk ticket to have my mysql database and web services moved to the same physical data center. I tried WP Super Cache but may or may not have configured it correctly.

Would so appreciate any help you can provide!


Hey BT,

Your MySQL server and web servers are actually in the same physical datacenter already, so no need to move. I’m looking into your tickets now though, and digging into your site. I’ll let you know what I find!

Thanks for taking a look. It looks like the Apache restart fixed the issue! This has happened multiple times before - so two questions, 1) is my server stable?, and 2) is the apache restart something that I can execute?

I’m going to take your suggestion and delete un-needed plugins also.

Thanks again!!!

No problem! The server you’re on is stable; it’s in our newest datacenter and there hasn’t been any recent outages/restarts on it. Your Apache instance however is shared with other users on different accounts, so the hung processes could be caused by any number of reasons. It could be something on your end, or it could be caused by another user on the same Apache service. The best thing we can do, if you continue to experience issues, is try moving you to another Apache instance on the same server, and if you still have issues, we can better try to determine if the issue is with your site.

This thread also has some insight from many of our customers on the Apache issue.

  1. Unfortunately you cannot restart Apache yourself since you’re on shared hosting.