Super slow site

Just launched a site yesterday and it’s been fast for as long as I’ve been developing it. It really launched Monday, started putting it out there yesterday, and I’m currently notified of every new hit at this point (I know I’ll get tired of that soon). However, I went to sleep last night to a fast response time (<1sec ish per page), to this morning when I get anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for a response time. This is for every page (script fed), from the ones that just feed an html page and process nothing to the ones that load a LOT and I expect to take perhaps up to 3 seconds.

I’ve no idea what’s changed, but no one is going to stay on a page that takes 30 seconds to load each page.

I was concerned it was my program… that somehow something happened to it (config change, etc)… however when I attempted to hit phpmyadmin from the link in panel, that also was slow. Not just slow, but load times between 1 to 2 minutes per page. So I know this has nothing to do with my code, because it has nothing to do with phpmyadmin. However, I’m not have any issues with other domains I host here, or even subdomains of This is limited to the top level domain itself.

Does any one know how to trouble shoot a shared server? Restart the http? Anything that might kick start this back to normal?


I noticed you had a ticket in and i’ll be glad to look into this for you. I’ll alert an admin and we’ll keep you updated on this issue. Your Patience is greatly appreciated during this time

Cedric H
DreamHost Staff
Actually we just sent you a reply to your ticket. If you have any questions feel free to reply there directly and we’ll be glad to help

Cedric H
DreamHost Staff

Is it because you are using your analytics programme to create a click heat map? Just moving the mouse around the very spartan page sends dozens of requests to your server. Multiply that by a few users and you’re going to start getting some traffic. That may not be it, but you may want to reconsider your analytics. Your page is so sparse that you don’t really need to monitor user’s mouse movements.

I’d hazard a guess that it’s a DB connection issue. I get the same all the time. 1 day response is good, next bad, then days like today teh DB connection fails completely and the site is down. DH seems to be having constant DB problems.