Super slow site -- checking error logs



I’m tech admin for I made some minor edits to the HTML and PHP yesterday, and now the site is running very slowly – it’s a little sporadic, sometimes fast, sometimes very slow. Once loaded, everything is displaying correctly.

Specifically, I took one snippet of PHP out of the sidebar and pasted it to a page. I’ve tried removing the snippet from the page, and even turning off ExecPHP, and nothing is fixing this.

So I’m trying to log into SSH with WinSCP to check the error logs. However, I’m having issues logging in. In the mean time, does anyone have any insight as to what could be causing the slow-down?


did you add a CNN plugin recently? it looks like that might be causing the page to load twice. Also, you may want to make sure your cache program is working correctly. It shouldn’t take six seconds to generate a WP page. Then six more to generate the same page again when the page_management.js calls it again. You’ve also got at least three stats counters (google, sitemeter, and onestat). do you really need all of those? The are generating a huge number of requests. 53 requests just for a single page…