Sunshop Suddenly Died On Me (Suggestions?)

I seriously doubt anyone here can help with my issue, but it can’t hurt to ask:

I’ve got a Sunshop (commercial shopping cart script–bought it before DH started offering osCommerce) installation that has been running fine, with a couple minor updates along the way, for over a year.

Then, this Thursday around 8pm PDT, it suddenly breaks completely–I get “500 Internal Server Error” pages on everything. Further testing has revealed that while any php with no database access seems to function fine, any time the Sunshop script attempts to access its MySQL database, a 500 error is the result.

The logfiles just show the generic “Premature end of script headers: /dh/cgi-system/php.cgi” error line, nothing else.

Even stranger, I tried a clean install from the same files, using a fresh database; the installation script worked as expected, populated the database with defaults, then as soon as the actual cart launches BOOM, 500 error. Clean install, clean database.

I checked and doublechecked with Dreamhost support, who say they didn’t change anything in the PHP-CGI or MySQL environments, and I believe them, but the Sunshop folks insist (understandably) that it must’ve been something host-side that broke things, and I’m stuck in a Catch-22.

Anybody seen anything of the sort, or have any suggestions?

Is your site

Not totally sure this is you, but I searched our TS database and this site is the only mention of Sunshop…

Everything seems like it’s working…did you or Sunshop do anything to fix it? Was there anything you needed to work around on our end?


Thanks for the interest; yes, that is the site, and it is working now though the original problem was never identified. After going back and forth a couple of times and wasting a good chunk of a weekend banging my head against every iteration of installation settings I could think of, I eventually paid to renew the SunShop licence and installing the latest version fixed it.

On the bright side, since DH started supporting Zend Optimizer just a few days before I did the reinstall I was able to skip on installing the SourceGuard junk myself.

…y’know, now that I think about it, I don’t supose that Zend Optimizer got installed on the 24th of June, by any chance. I’m giving the polite DH support folks the benefit of the doubt when they said nothing at all changed, but I can’t help but wonder.