Sum charged and account not activated

It’s a regret that my first post in this forum has to be something as such.

1. Account under pending after 3 days.
I have paid and the sum credited to my card since Sunday (GMT 8) morning, but my account has been on pending approval status ever since. I ran a check with a few friends and according to them, account setup should not be more than 48hrs. At least this is what was stated in the webpanel: “If you’ve already made payment your account should be activated within one business day.”

2. Non-action of Dreamhost
Having check with friends above, I proceeded to check if any action has been carried out to register my domain. I gave the benefit of doubt that it could be delayed by registration of domain, but I found the domain I wanted still out in the open. Even if I can upload files, I don’t have a domain to go with.

3. Support
I attempted to submit a support ticket but apparently there weren’t any options that I could choose. No matter what I ticked, clicking on next will give me nothing because my account is not activated yet. There wasn’t an option for “Sales” too.

If someone working for DreamHost reads this by chance, please kindly do the necessary or contact me directly for any information that you need to verify my claims.

It sounds like something might have triggered a review of your pending account, which has been reported to happen on occasion.

To improve your chances of contacting DreamHost to follow up on your account activation, I suggest you send them the contents of your post here, plus identifying information, via the contact form located at

I hope you are able to get it sorted soon. :slight_smile:


Thank you.