Suitable for my e-mail needs?


I’m the editor of a school newspaper at a small, private university. Our website is hosted through We have our own domain name for our website and e-mail, both hosted through the univeristy. Unfortunately, our e-mail goes through the student account subdomain and often brings down the server because of the large amount of spam we get, plus the large number of messages with attachments (.docs, .pdfs) we send and receive.

The IT department is willing to pay for us to get our mail hosted off-site. I’m looking at the Crazy Domain Insane service package and it seems to meet our needs. My only concerns are of bandwidth for e-mail. We’ll never use 600 e-mail accounts, or even all 75 shell accounts, but with the large amount of spam we’re getting to our existing e-mail address (that we need to keep) will we go over our bandwidth limits? We’re getting about 2-300 spam messages per day. Will DreamHost’s spam filters help, since currently there is no server-level spam filtering on our accounts?