Suggestions…I’m SURE I saw a place to put them somewhere.

Anyway, since I can’t find the proper place to put them, I’m going to post a few here. You people post some too! :slight_smile:

  1. Maybe different themes for the panel & discussion board. The gray colours kind of scare me…

  2. Maybe a more ‘visual’ panel. You know, with those fancy-schmancy icons and things.

  3. Customisable panel…you know…add your own ‘favourite things to-do’ or something.

Anything else?

No offense, but I hope they don’t implement any of those. The panel is a “tool” not a “toy” - there are plenty of cPanel hosts around that have a “toy” panel; DH doesn’t have to be one of those. :wink:

colors/schmolors - who needs stinkin’ colors for a discussion board.

Suggestions can go here, too!


Some of that could be done yourself if you’re familiar with CSS. Many web browsers allow you to override the settings of the site you’re on and use settings from your own custom CSS file.

I personally prefer speed. If possible, give me a blank page with the highest loading speed, I’ll be happy

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There is a hosting service I just moved from because of poor service & help. It has lots of pretty icons (that are a little hard to decipher). Of course, the page loads a little slow & they cost about twice the price of DreamHost for comparable plans. I prefer clear, concise, no-frills tools on the host’s end.

While I agree with you that the panel does require some attention, I personally wouldn’t like to see too many major changes, the panel works well for me as it is.

However, I do think a few panel sections could be moved to more logical locations.


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