Suggestions needed!

I need to create a site that will allow an admin to logon and upload pictures up to 7 fields of information. Then beable to delete and modify it at a later point in time.

Then I need to be able to have a use a search function with drop down menus for each of the 7 fields. Example: How has all the menus for searching for cars.

I am pretty good with html and jave, and have played with php and my sql. I can program in a few different languages so i can typically figure this stuff out if pointed in the right direction. Thanks ahead of time!

Maybe you should ask a question if you want an answer…

How about suggestions for accomplishing such a task? such as does anyone know a good php script, or something similiar.

I don’t know of a script that does exactly what you want. You could take a look at a few simple (but database driven) php gallery scripts. The modifications to use your seven fields of information on the upload page and to only show images that match the search criteria should not be very hard to make.
On the other hand, there are a lot of tutorials on file uploads, search functions and so on you can use to build your site from scratch.