Suggestions gallery2

I would like to create a gallery as follows:

To do this,

  1. I need to create a new subdomain,

  2. go to one-click install and chose gallery. Do i need to worry abt where gallery is installed ? can I just pick in the drop down menu ? or should I install gallery in ?

and then when I go to I will see phpmyadmin / gallery admin pages ? I intend to use for all the databases I create.

If I messed up can will I be able to delete all and start over ?

Well, you don’t need to “worry” about it, but you do have to tell the one-click installer where to put your gallery installation. You can choose to put it into any empty directory, from what you described in item 1 of your post, I’d put it in :wink: .

No, you will see the phpMyAdmin administrative interface for all the databases you have assigned to the host. If you installed it that way, you will be able to see/administer the actual database tables used by gallery, but your actual Gallery admin pages (that you use to manage your gallery installation) are reached through the gallery program itself (check the gallery documentation for the exact url).

Yep! That is always an option :slight_smile: