Suggestions for trouble ticket software?

Anyone running a simple open source trouble ticket/problem reporting system here on Dreamhost?

I’d like folks to be able to post comments and view/search others posts (to avoid duplication) with some standard features to set priorities and such.

Ability to comment on issues that someone else first entered would be helpful.

I don’t think I need full Trac functionality so I’m wondering if there’s something else that’s quick to install and covers the main points.


I can only suggest you check out SourceForge. Here’s a link for a trouble ticket search sorted by newest software first:

-Scott works great with DH

Thanks. Through another route we decided a few days ago to check out Mantis, It turns out to be the most downloaded SourceForge project in the list of those for “bug tracking” (not what I said, but actually what I need for this project).

It seems to be working fine. [There was one warning on installation to increase the CPU limit in the php.ini file – but we uploaded a fairly large file without a problem.]

i always use HESK from it’s simple and spot on in my opinion.

I haven’t tried it but bugzilla is pretty much the open source standard. Google search should bring it up.