Suggestions for the DH Account Panel - feb2022

I submitted some suggestions to DH, and the support rep LN told me to post them here.

  1. Please return the “Backup my Account” menu item to the left sidebar of the Account Panel. It is now buried about 3 clicks down in the middle of a webpage. I only use it 1-2x per month, but that makes it my most used function in the Control Panel. It really should not be hidden, and also it should not be under “Billing & Account”.

  2. Please make it easier to get to the “Contact Support” page. I could only get to that page by going thru Chat, and then Chat has to be unmanned. The “Contact Support” page is useful for submitting issues that don’t require live interaction, e.g. when I am working on my website after midnight and it’s no biggie if DH fixes the problem the next day.

  3. There is a search field at the top of the Control Panel, but it doesn’t do anything. I tried searching for “email support”, but nothing happened. The UI needs a little dialog box to pop up and tell the user that search found nothing.

Duly submitted,
-mj lee

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