Suggestions for photo sharing server



I’m developing a file/photo sharing site and need some advice here.

1st, there are a lot of sites that offer online backup and sharing with “2 gigs free” offers. I’m wondering how they can offer 2 gigs free to all new users? What kind of servers do most file sharing sites use?

2nd, I’m looking for a good linux hosting solution where storage space can expand as I go (cloud server seems obvious). Also would need to be PCI compliant or possible to get there assuming I’m using’s PCI compliant customer manager. I’m used to managing sites through Webmin, so I’m not sure what I’d be looking at with an “flexible” hosting solution.

Any suggestions based on what Bluehost offers would be great!



It sounds like our new DreamObjects storage service in conjunction with our web hosting would probably fit your needs pretty well! PCI compliance is largely a function of the software you’ll be using, rather than the storage medium. You can read more on what we’re offering here: