Suggestions for an FTP website editor

Hi, new at Dreamhost and wondering what software others are using as their ftp and/or website editors. Normally I work with Wordpress however this situation calls for me to work on an html/php website. Last time I use an ftp editor it was frontpage, that was many years ago. Any Suggestions for a good website editor?
Thank you

Hi Kimber,

I use FileZilla. It’s free and secure.

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Hi, I use that too but I was looking for a way to edit the pages. I download Dreamweaver yesterday and got what I needed done.
Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

There is a difference in perspective in the tools being discussed here.
You asked for a “FTP Website Editor”, and yes, Dreamweaver is an answer to that specific request.
As a WordPress developer I use NetBeans for code, which has its own FTP interface like Dreamweaver - and it’s free. I used to use Eclipse, very popular among WordPress folks, also free.

For quick changes, config files, etc, with Filezilla open I click a file and have NotePad++ as the default editor, so I make the change in there and Save, and FileZilla detects the change and offers to upload it. Note in this case that this is a two-step process, where the FTP is separate from the Editing. To tighten that up, there is a plugin for Notepad++ to link directly to an FTP site, thus providing the same one-step file access to the editor as the others.

These days you can use just about any tool in the same way. So the real question is “what’s your preferred editor?” and then … “how do I get “my” editor to SFTP with my DH server?”. To find your preferred editor, just try a bunch of them, give them about 3+ days to feel right or not.


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