Suggestions for a family "community" site

I’m planning on putting together a “community” site for my family, and was hoping for suggestions on software/etc to accomplish this. Both free and paid solutions are fair game.

Here’s the end goal for the site:
It would house accounts for each of the family members, in-laws, and if desired, out-laws.
They would have single-signon (preferably silent so they aren’t asked more than once per visit) to the following capabilities:
E-Mail, including webmail and POP3/etc
Photo Galleries

Each of these capabilities would to be made avalialable on multiple levels, including individual, family, and global.
Some examples of the desired community aspects are:
Member1 can post to the global “news” blog, create and post to a personal blog, and create and post to various “family” blogs (eg: one for his household and one for his nearby relatives).
The whole clan should be able to view a single member’s calendar, or even an entire family’s, but only see the events that are marked as visible to the clan. At the same time, every member should be able to invite other members to their events, etc.

I’m hoping that these can be accomplished through a system like Joomla or PHPNuke via modules/add-ons, but any and all solutions possible on dreamhost are welcome.

It would be even nicer if the possible functionality included taking care of any DreamHost settings that may be involved. (eg: Create a new PHPNuke user, and a corresponding e-mail account is created automatically.)

I realize the chances of just finding a group of apps that all play nice together is pretty slim, but I am willing/able to make modifications to code where possible to further my goals, or accept the seperation if the added featureset is worth it.

So suggestions I would like include: The best Blog module for PHPNuke; The best Blog module for Joomla; The best open source Blog software period; The best closed source Blog software; etc.

Thanks for your help!

I would suggest looking at PostNuke as a robust CMS undergoing active development and with a vibrant support community.

While I haven’t tried to do everything on your list, I can tell you that there are good options for blogs, galleries, furm, Wiki, uploading/downloading files, calendar.

A site with a good collection of the available modules is PostNukeDirectory.

Worth a look, and browse their forum to get a sense of the active community.



The chief cause of problems is solutions.

I’m in the process of doing something similar myself, but without the requirement for single-sign-on and without an integrated look.

Part of the reason I did this was that I tend to like the capabilities of the specialized modules a whole lot - particularly their look and feel. I think Gallery is great for photo sharing. I think WordPress is a fantastic blog. I like phpBB (though I like vBulletin even more!). MediaWiki is fantastic!

Sometimes I think this problem is like the classic software development question of whether to do Big Upfront Design or Agile Development.

I’m taking the agile approach of starting simple and trying to get the family to use the individual module that they’re most interested in using - Gallery. I’m sure this will lead to big integration or migration problems for me in the future, but I suppose I’d rather have that problem than have a big fully integrated system that no one uses.

One “problem” that I have is the great utility provided by the big free hosted service vendors like Blogger, Flikr, and the like. I may like the control I get from having my own WordPress installation, but my old Blogger blog did run faster and more reliably.

Oops, apologies for the philosophizing…

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Thanks, that’s exactly the kind of feedback I’m looking for.

By biggest concern about not having single-signon is that there won’t be a nice standard way for family members to “be a community” with each module / app. ie: They each have to have enough tech knowledge to find and join all the family’s groups, etc, and each time a new app account is added, everyone else will have to add them too. I’d much rather have that automated and done up front for everything.

I guess worst case is that I write some sort of join script to auto-create accounts in each of the apps.


I was trying to find the same thing a few years ago. I’m now using Nuke-Evolution from it is based on PHPNuke. But they have added all the security fixes the author forgot to put in. They also have added some improvements into it.

Another site that is part of the same group is the have a lot of modules and blocks. With using nuke-evo system you will only need one login ID when you setup a site all packages can integrate into the site.

My one site I have a photo gallery setup it called Gallery2. The site is Its still a small site but I can see that a lot of people have visited it.